Sunday, 16 July 2017

Latitude schmatitude

The Bureboy Diaspora had all returned to the sacred earthen hearth for the weekend  but given a slough of despondency caused by the marsh ague it fell to me to collect the eldest from the station and 4 of us least affected headed eastwards (Suffolk) for the day. Passport control navigated we took the usual 6 hours to drive round Lowestoft and off the A12 at Wearham towards the home of Adnams brewery and distilleries.

Wherever you are in town the lighthouse is always looking over your shoulder it seems. No big brewery stack like the East End Truman chimney but sleek and elegant pipes from the distillery.

Would have been our early lunch choice but no room at this inn, even early doors. Wonder how long a rival Greene King pub would last before the dirty tricks and sabotage started?

This  bay had a certain sativa like quality about the leaves. Cook's little helper perhaps?

Now, this looks  like some likes like plastic flowers in a window box, low maintainence gardening and all that but they did move in the wind in a very realistic way. Perhaps they were made by a 3D printer. Or I had had some of Cooks' little helper. Purely for medicinal use Officer.

After an average lunch we took a tour of the charity shops and Southwold's only book shop. Amongst the yummy mummies and chinless husbands I had noticed several strangely attired women, all with wellies (brightly coloured of course) and tear drop eye make up and face sequins.  Ah, Latituders who had just popped out for a bit of shopping, that glamping stuff being so infra dig these days. Why glamp when you can rent a town house?

Not sure this street is particularly well represented at the polite festival happening just down the A12. Certainly not glampers anyway. Miserable gits.

Ah, a bit more like it and indeed, why consider life's complexities when the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat..

 Down to the pier, and probably one of the nicest piers there is. The bass were in too.

Stunning view either way Yes, the lighthouse is still keeping an eye on you.

Imagine exercise being so easy and pleasant.

It is quite tongue in cheek some of this stuff and the better for it I think.

Just time for a quick toe on the water and then home to the sick bay.

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  1. I do love unusual sign.Probably an old bloke with too much time on his hands put that one up ( not you TT ).