Saturday, 13 January 2018

Criminal damage

On a whim headed right up towards the end of the syndicate stretch. Shocked to see that someone  (presumably those guardians of nature  the Environment Agency) had taken out all the far bank cover right down from the Mill to the first bridge.  And left it all along the near bank. Looked worse as the  river was being run down. You can see it's about 3 feet down. At least it wasn't  total chainsaw carnage. Note to hobby grazers. Flood plains flood. 

As I cursed the river began to run off even harder.  I did have two fish on briefly, defintely pike not broon trooot and one take that didn't really develop right at my feet as dog walkeress wondered if she would ever see an otter and didn't I find them just adorable? Ok, last hour with flake and lobs on the bridge pool (by now puddle). Cue loud shrieks and splashes as family having fun throw big flints in the river, right on the primed crease . Bollocks.


  1. BB - The EA are a total sham! We've had major river work carried out by these countryside custodians which involved nest removal of schedule 1 breeding species and I've seen the carnage and willful destruction of The Kentish Stour by wholesale weed clearance, again under the guise of "habitat improvement" Makes me so much happier knowing that my license fee is being used for such caring freshwater management schemes. Dyl

  2. In some areas Dylan it is alledged that they are creating otter holts. I was fascinated though to see the large scours created between the tree clumps at times when there was enough overhang to change the current flow. Equally as maddening hasbeen the wholesale planting of saplings far enough back as not to even threaten the flow or create underwater habitat but to "shade the water. Water moves in a river btw. A couple of miles in fact at god knows what expense. And just happening, if trees matured enough to ensure no bank access to fish at all. Think that was the Natural Rivers Trust. Don't think many have made it out of the rabbit/deer guards.....

  3. The EA are a shower, the top job is always a part-time political crony (Lord Smith) on about £96k p.a. What was it he said at the time of the Somerset Debacle, 'You'll have to choose between living rooms and birds'. Twat.

    Just have a look at how many company vehicles they have. Environment Agency, a grade one oxymoron. One operative said to me that trees degrade banks and make them unstable!

    The Environment Agency. Destroying the environment somewhere near you. John

  4. A digital step too far! Changing passwords and remembering them is bad enough. John