Monday, 16 April 2018

Filed under heavy reporting restrictions

Whilst the sun was only out briefly yesterday the world looked a slightly greener and better place. And the forecast rain never came to spoil the party.

I put a couple of big pellets down the edge and began to feed a line just past the ledge, hemp and maggot would be my line of attack. Quick results from a trio of perch that head thumped deep down way above their station.   A few more would come my way, though none would have made 4 oz. Not as many skimmers or hybrids today and as I was not being really selective a lot of smaller roach on the drop.  Did really test the Greys 15 footer with a foulhooked  double figure pike that kept insisting on getting airborne and frightening the bejusus out of the mallards. The hook hold went in the end. The rod does have some grunt that is  for sure.

No long after one of the members left after a mardle I knew I'd hit pay dirt as soon as I saw the flash of red and a thick body sliding towards the slightly bigger net this time. It would have filled the teaspoon one to be sure.  An absolute belter of a roach that took the zeroed Flyweight MK 2's  round to 1lb 10oz 8 drms. To say I was chuffed would be an understatement.

The fish is the star to be sure

The pellet rods did have  the odd flicker so it's a few evenings with  a bucket of splodge on the way home from work to see if the bin lids fancy a regular nosh.