Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bank Holiday blue skies

Late May Bank Holiday. The swifts are back, screaming overhead. The early verdant lime green has  been boosted by a rush of growth and the earth is damp and warming up. Winds have left the blossom all over the lush grass along with the new oak shoots. The birds have just about  fledged their young and are thinking of their second brood.

Walked the lower syndicate stretch but the river has not cleared  from the recent rain, except in the faster water over the mill races so no fish to see.

This can be an aquarium swim when viewed from the novelty (sorry, narrow gauge ) rail line bridge when the colour drops out of the river and especially around spawning time. This view can be found in Bailey and Miller's Crowood offering "Chub and Dace".

Long forgoton Scottow Pond looks lovely in it's late spring garb.

Reputed to be a prolific tench water once. Wilson refers to it's clouds of daphnia. No one seems to worry about tench becoming preoccupied on daphnia these days. Clear water over beds of sand and ever encroaching reed. Once saw a group of brilliantly coloured perch hanging off the marginal cover. A couple of pounds apiece. Don't know why I never went back for them.

Perhaps a speculative call to the local estate office is in order?

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