Monday, 6 May 2013

First fish since the 14th..

After a very warm pre-Bank Holiday Sunday headed off to Captains  as it cooled. Decided to ball in some feed and fish red  maggot until the bream arrived.(Or not) Catapult a goner but rigged it up with some nylon and a link  swivel but not a great job so little and often was not achieved with much grace. Ubiquitous small rudd but often beaten to the bait by some hand sized chunkier rudd,roach and the odd roach/rudd or roach bream hybrids. Fish warm to the touch and splendidly coloured.. A metallic roach blue  and glorious red fins featured fairly  heavily what ever the "species"excepting the more obvious roach/bream hybrids which had the cadual and anal fins tending to dark blue and some of the rudd retaining golden flanks.

After a lull and a few  sporadic bubbles struck into another rudd on the drop and was backwinding into something that was bending the Drennan Waggler rod left for me by Shanus before he headed off to Canada impressively whilst making sedate progress. Didn't wake up and storm off like a carp  or tear round like a tench  and sure enough a bream rolled into the net. Some already have their spawning tubercles but this didn't and was quite chunky across the back. Chunky enough to weigh and at 5lb 11oz and the biggest of the few bream I've had from the pond so far. No more bream tempted.

A few fish moving , mainly bream rolling in the thinner weeded areas and several off the island so that's an area I'll try again, probably with pellet and meat. A few more carp like rolls  of the 2nd jetty.Was fishing off one of the jetties, and my dislike of being so visible (though I do like showing off a bended rod when cars are sweeping down the hill) and the dodgy catapult meant I didn't feel I'd fished as well as I should have done but caught a few fish none the less. Plan to have a late hour off the dam tomorrow just concentrating on maggot close in and see if I can get a few shouts of some of the hybrid varieties.