Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Mixed fortunes

Wind changed and warmer by several degrees. Another late sortie on Captains, intending to target the bream, with an off chance of a carp. Dug out Shanus' left behind Cardinals for a trip out. C4X's says the badging. Dreadful line lay judging from the admittedly nearly 30 year old line I stripped off the spools   Can't ever remember him using them though. I actually would like some Mitchell 410's. That great Mitchell styling, straight off a Supermarine airframe and that classy blue finish.

Fished the boathouse and  probably in 2 foot of water at best and about 3 of silt. I convinced myself I couldn't see the bait and no fish 20 yards away. Meat over pellet, and then a bit later corn on one rod. Plenty of roach on the corn, the best around an impressive pound but it slipped back whilst I tried to juggle it whilst sluicing off the silt and trying to get the camera ready. Really too big to blog style self take in the hand and not big enough to justify the full Dave Plummer pose either. Certainly a fair bit bigger than than this one. The blogger's version of the Facebook avatarpose  and significantly less creepy.

Several reasonable, steady and missed  pulls on the meat but as the evening progressed increasing bobbin activity indicated that the roach and rudd wanted the meat but had not the mouths to swallow it. Increased carp activity as the light fell and spotting the other member on the water into a fish down towards the dam went to lend a hand.

Essex Scribbler would call this a mud pig. Spawn building up.

Until this last year everyone fished without expecting to catch. The otter fence, a small stocking and a lot more thinking and hard work has seen a big change on the place. The future's bright on the Pond

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  1. I love those C4X s., exept the way they fall back on anti reverse. Lost mine on the Stour one black night years ago.