Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Gratuitous and conspicuous consumption

Not a bad drop of local stuff. I always prefer draught and this is available in good old Narrrich from a hand pull but I was out of town so needs must you get a pint not a miserley 500ml or worse 330ml for the same money


  1. Bang on Bureboy, that's a fine pint. Not easy to get in West norfolk but part of the pleasure is looking. John

    PS I had a pair of Derriboots years ago, sorry, I'll go having disgraced myself.

  2. John, I think Essex Scribbler has acquired false memory syndrome or a secret longing to own the boot of Derri. Check his excellent Saxon Shores or Northessexfishing blogs

  3. Now John has confessed to owning a pair, will you come clean. You'll feel better for it. Just going to tuck into a glass of Rioja whilst reading the Morrissey biog. What an entertaining tit of a man he is. Also a genius of course.