Friday, 11 October 2013

Winter on it's way

The start of the week saw temperatures around the 20C mark but that has been well and truly blown away now. Walcott Wall closed on the big tide with waves crashing over the roads. The garden  is somewhat windswept and standing water on the roads. Perfect conditions then for my annual October trip to An East Midlands Stillwater with Essex Scribbler. 

A chance of decent fish, plenty of tea (one of the only times I can be fagged to cart round my stove )and talk, well mumble in my case, and lovely scenery. What is not to like?

Essex Scribbler can explain the wind directions (over our shoulder) but a reasonably dry start was made after the tramp over the dam wall and we were fishing just after 7.30. Big winds and very wet was the forecast for the day but not too challenging for now...
Water several feet down from last year's trip with a big fringe of weed, quite busy with roach, then a drop into deeper water with a firm, clean bed, fishing from an obvious point feature. We have found an early morning spell usually occurs with a lunch time then early afternoon burst, often with 2 or three runs in succession to be the order of the autumn day so no need for lots of moves, hence the stove. Scribbler had a couple of line out of clips, we thought perhaps liners given the activity in the weed in front of us before my half mackerel,presented some way out was away. Probably not quite doubles but lightly hooked and gave a good account of itself in around the weed fringe.

The weather deteriorated and possibly due to the rain the action did not really happen. I had one further missed take on mackerel again and Scribbler a couple more out of clips.
This looks bleak but does not really do the worsening conditions justice and we decide to give it best by 2.30pm. The last rod left in was mine and a sardine, that had been recast several times was finally away after nearly 7 hours, the pike unhooked itself at our feet at around 6lb we thought. Came away with a pile of books, and rather wet gear. Another trip pondered before the fish do their deep winter hiding job.

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