Sunday, 6 October 2013

Looking at rivers

Balmy October continues. Walked a section of the syndicate stretch  this afternoon, taking advantage of the clear conditions to suss out some piking spots. A lot less weed other than the cabbages than I would have expected. Similar story on the Wensum this year. I think some jigging and wobbled deads  before the proper flushes of winter and more colour  give me the confidence for some more standard leapfrogging.

Whilst not deep anywhere the dredged channel down the near bank still remains a prime area for a sardine. Must get some traces ready, and paint up some replacement poly ball floats/drop-offs to replace the entire collection chewed off the lines by the mice in the garage this spring.

An acute bend and a much bigger willow just downstream and as much of a banker area as my ineptitude will allow for.
That's a proper man cave in the boat house peeking through the trees.
Usually bypass this bend but did have a couple when I did drop in on it at the end of last season.
I do think that this s-bend section may be a reasonable area for roach or bream. The stretch was famed for it's very dark bream but I have not heard of many bream at all over the last few years.

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