Sunday, 26 April 2015

Best laid plans

Had a look at Selbrigg Pond on Friday on the way home from Kings Lynn. Dam has been strengthened and the encroaching reeds pushed back.  The iconic copper beech is just bursting out into leaf. It's free, and traditional close season break.  Nice to have on in the bank as a maybe. Wonder if the eels are still in there?

Fancied a change , feeder fishing on Cranes to see if the tench and bream were more than carper's probables. Wind had spread the floating mat that has come off the bed of the reservoir's bed across the surface, and blocked any chance of fishing till it's sorted.

Chub still massed on the gravels just above the iron bridge and proving quite a draw to walkers  and drooling anglers alike.  The number of 5lb plus fish is quite staggering, and several are bigger than that.   They won't be there come the 16th

Back home to swap the rods and on to the first stage on Captains. Swan in close attendance so not a huge amount of bait to concentrate the bream so bites in fits and starts.  Bream starting to show signs of getting ready to spawn and the fish are warmer to the touch. Canada geese have their young now, last year nearly all went to the pike, the rest to  the swans. A grey lag is still sitting,  looking very cold in total shade.


 Prawn is the kiddy at the moment.

Next and biggest of the afternoon:

Spooked carp taking off at speed:

Thought I hooked a carp, after a lengthy tour of the swim it was off, leaving me with a pike scale on the #8 sedge hook.

Finished off with this lovely clean fish, like a newly minted £2 coin. Happy days continue. Colchester United have League One survival in their own hands after a late pen at Fleetwood yesterday, a win on Tuesday would set things up for the last game, and an early start next Sunday for a 12.15 kick off.

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