Sunday, 19 April 2015

Spice n' sleazey

Still got a plan or two that comes off now and then. The carp boys on Captains having getting a few decent pike, either on bottom baits like my long lean spawned out  example from last time out, and on the retrieve as well, Couple going over 20 I hear. In the holdall went a pike rod just in case Essox fancied harrying the rudd and roach.

Bright, but a mean, gusting cold wind down the pond into the road bank. Warm out of the  wind but I wasn't. Swan in close attendance so baiting meant waiting, till he got his head under the water to feed, or having a go at the honking Canada goose pair,  staking out  their island nesting territory. Occasionally he would sneak up and give my left hand a very sharp peck. Bastard bird.

Pondering just when to get the chilli, ginger and salt laced hemp into work it's oily mystery magic when the staging began to bounce and undulate worryingly and the sun was briefly eclipsed. I hadn't shifted my increasing bulk so what was occurring? Mr Very Large Lad carper creeping up on me, that's what. Somewhat surprised about his reference to  a poacher as being too big to mess with. Must have been the Big Show or John Hartson when he came on as a heavy roller a few times for Naarwich. Our carefully constructed dissection of the current angling and political scenes ( the poacher was, you guessed it, "Polish" ) was cut short by an electrifying bolt of iridescent blue, straight and fast along the Norwich bank. Kingfisher we both proclaimed. With that he lurched off the staging to quietly look for some carp close in..

In about an hour the staging settled down  from it's snake like gyrations and my anti-sea sickness pills had kicked in. Mr. Swan was beating up the geese so  I catapulted in some of the nicely festering hemp. Prawn on one rod, worm the other, both fished lift style, About 515 now and I was realising the folly of toughing it out in shorts. Anticipation  served to keep my mind off my slow slide into hypothermia,as small clusters of bubbles appeared along with a couple of fizz patches. Pikey activity too. Classic lift bite on prawn,  and token flapping signalled the first fish of the day, This little chappy was a a bit big for  a livebait I thought. 

Next bite on prawn resulted in brief contact with something a bit more solid and head thumpy but it quickly came off. A bite on the worm rod and a huge swirl at the base of the staging as a pike tried to snatch the rudd, again a little large but as the bait had been lacerated it was quickly lip hooked and dropped in, freelined under  a poly fished shallow right by the staging. An instant take and tghe carbon took on a satisfying curve as the pike felt the strike.. A really excellent scrap, with great clouds of orange silt and cut weed billowng up, with scattering of fish as the pike strove for the central weed mass. In the net and just hooked by one point of a treble, right on the tip of the jaw. A solid, beautifully marked fish that thumped the scales in a wet net round to a very satisfying 14.4. A conservative 2 lb off for the net. Plan hatched and clinically executed. Result. Some of the strikes at fish today were from more than one smaller predator, I am sure they were perch. Single bass hooks, light wire trace and small bait next time.

This bream fancied a worm too. Fairly clean on this side, and another solid fish. Slight two tone demarcation. One of the more bronzey variants in the pond. Fish and weed not yet warm to the touch.

I then had a burst of tench. one on prawn, one on worm.  Both gave good accounts of themselves. Very yellow undersides. The second fish took the prawn on the drop.

These fish indicate what I believe to be the limiting factors of the acidity of the water. A five from here would be a big fish I'd say. That's hardly a classic tench shape on the bottom fish. Driving past on an early summer day, with the lilly beds in full flower you'd bet your mortgage on it being a great tench water. Perhaps the rhodo's and conifers give it away.

In dire need of an excuse to get off the wind blasted stage this feller gave me my last fish and that excuse. Old, battered and blue, another distinct Captains bream variant. Very thick set from the vent to the head. Perfect for close in on a match rod.

Now, down to business. Are Colchester relegated yet? Has Wenger  come good again?  See Boro came and did a job on Norwich on Friday.

Don't forget that new perch plan..


  1. I have neighbours who are avoiding me. Which is very satisfying. Time to tie some new buzzers I think.


    1. Your neighbours don't fancy crow pie then TT? I dined out on our 7-1 tonking of Norwich for ages, or at least untill we got stuffed 5-0 by them on a swimming pool pitch back at Cuckoo Farm. Good luck when you give your buzzers an outing.

  2. Good to see you're fishing again. I agree with you re the acidity being a limiting factor.
    Koi soon. Or come down for a skate session, tackle supplied and daylight tides producing.

    1. Wak... Koi time I agree. Poss Bank holiday weekend?

  3. Maybe the Saturday, weather depending of course. We want a nice day for it.

  4. Get yer pike rods out, get some peeler crab and get down to Trimingham/Mundesley/Overstrand. Fecking good sized bass everywhere.