Saturday, 11 April 2015

Spring time

Another trip up the A47 today, what a lovely valley the Welland runs through.


  1. Lovely photos, especially the second one of the viaalage. Things are moving on.

  2. What an absolutely horrible road that is, no wonder there are so many accidents on it. We're about seven miles south of it where it goes through Emneth, You should come for a cuppa,

    The Welland, a lovely little river up there but a monster lower down. It looks as if it should be stuffed with pike but when we have driven along it near Crowland there is never anybody fishing. Weird.

    All the best, John

    1. Prodigal son will be summoning the ancestral charabanc sometime in June so a cup of tea woukd be loveky John. Liked your peice from Zandeland on CBTR I have never realy noticed till recently how much pike mess about with the bait. Perch though can't use that great big pikey shovel mouth to nose, flick up and grab a bait, they have to use a geat big implosion to suck the bait in which probably gives a real pull on the float and that lovely plop as it shoots under. As you noted they also hunt in packs so have a lot of direct competiton. Pike do seem to hang around a lot seemingly oblivious to the fish sround

  3. BB, You're more than welcome. John