Saturday, 8 August 2015

Ol stripey

Short session on the syndicate stretch tonight. Had been a glorious day, ice cream and park with the girls, Col U didn't loose first game of the season and of  course England have blown Australia away in two and a bit days. The sight of a kingfisher arrowing down the river set the tone for the trotting session with dace, gudgeon and a tiny chub a chuck. One summer lean pike  eventually bit  through  after an acrobatic tour of the swim before a dace was taken with a slashing take. This fish chose not to get ariel and one I was anxious at least to see before it came off given it's reluctance to show itself . Line slack then on again briefly.  A boil and what seemed to be a big roach or perch, then finally a perch came sliding to the net. Hooked firmly and well back on the tongue. Not sure what actually happened there.  I really can't think this bristly sergeant could have  made the first surging runs but it was not marked at all. Either way, 2.07 and what a corker.

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  1. Beautiful fish. About time you caught a decent perch. Good work Wak.