Monday, 24 August 2015

We didn't turn out too bad.

Went to a school reunion in Sandon on Saturday.  I was surprisingly one of the younger ones. Perhaps most of us from those later years have yet to have buried all the skeletons.

Given why most of us were sent there don't think we have turned out too bad. One in the eye for the system and the bad apples.


  1. Good photo Wak.
    Are you revising history ? "One in the eye for the system", "Given why most of is were sent there" ? I thought people were sent to public school to give them an advantage over the great unwashed masses. Or am I wrong ?
    Yours, stirring the shit, Lord Wak of Thorrington.

    1. Wak. Some schools you get sent to by the man..that's why they were called "approved" schools back in our day. Some of the locals did think it was a Borstal. Guess if I had got caught Borstal is where I would have gone. Uppingham or Gresham's it wasn't. I'll bore you with the truth when we get on Alton.See the roach and bream are sticking one in the eye of the nay sayers.

  2. Yeah, plenty of roach at Alton, we'll have a crack at them soon.