Thursday, 27 August 2015

Sedition in Southwold

Dodging the incoming front again, this time with little 'uns and @walshamboy down the coast to Southwold. Big wind meant sandcastles another day but on to the Pier anyway. Filed under heavy manners.

 Or from another viewpoint....

Southwold Pier has an eclectic mix of amusement arcade schlock, boho tried too much  tea rooms and the most deliciously seditious pound a go things.

You sometimes need to look a bit closer

View to the town, Sizewell's brooding dome to the East and the Blyth around the corner. That's for another day.

Orwellian daubings

And the home of (some) beer and more. Smell o vision would be good  near  a brewery and a distillery. I think if Greene king had Adnams design and marketing skills they would take over the world. Still think a proper Abbott is the best but I never say no to a Broadside.

Rather like this.

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  1. Some interesting shots there Wak. Must say Adnams is not one of my faves. Someof those Cornish beers are rather nice, St Austall and Sharpe.