Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Dad, can we go to McDonald's?

Headed down the coast for a change with little 'uns. Ice cream was the first request. Down to Southwold Harbour. Lots of must not signs everywhere..

Ice creams done wander along the harbour. Mixture of well healed affluence and coastal industry.

This one is registered SH, Scarbrough.

Someone is paying the ferry woman..

Weather on it's way in from the North Sea with rain, later.

Now, must be lunch time. Spoilt for choice I'd say. Nice to see sea fresh fish on ice. Norfolk coastal fish shops seem to stick to safe, prepped stuff and rarely a silver darling,  fresh and red eyed to be seen.

Dad, can we go to McDonald's? Out of the mouths of babes. I made do with two kippers, all smoke and unctious oily flesh before heading back to corporate mass produced shite in a box. So much for artisanal,  hard won fruits of the sea.


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  1. Love the last pic. You definitely don't want your herrings with red eyes !