Sunday, 18 October 2015

Nearly man

Saturday was dank and mostly wet. Planned perch from the staging, get the rudd going and fish lives round them. Small roach first cast and out, liphooked on a bass hook. Captains is really shallow now, not sure why.  Could see a big kill when it freezes. Rain on and off and rudd not playing  ball. Verge of packing up, threw in a washed out sardine. Bubbles and a puff of disturbed silt. Placed the now moribund roach in the disturbance, bob bob and the small poly ball is shooting off.  Forget I havent got trebles on and wind into the fish, not strike. A mid double twists and turns but is off.. I hate drying everything off when it is wet.

Sunday and out on the syndicate stretch checking permits. Well, would be if anyone was on the water. The upper beat looks prime perching water right now.

So does this bit above the mill.

And lastly the free stretch. A 6+ chub is  calling.


  1. You checkng permits. As the The Clash said "He who fucks the nuns, will
    later join the church". Waaaaaaaaak.

    1. Don't want no fecker poaching when I'very paid out good money.

  2. Replies
    1. TT, got a couple of guest tickets when ever you and the Scribbler fancy it, probably best once theres been a couple of floods to scour out some of the weed. It's tiny in places, All down either margin in barely a couple of feet of water at times. Always chance of a double and there are twenties too.

      Still think some perch too.