Sunday, 11 October 2015

Get the net...

Trudging towards the river with good old seized up lower back, a bit of a kerfuffle ahead. A group of students and some canoes. Seems the Canoe Man/Woman had a bit of watery trouble. Seems someone had managed to turn over a canoe. Just as the first chills of autumn were blowing up the straight. And left their smartphone on  the bottom of the river. Ouch. You think a canoe guide would  have ensured their charges had their phones and keys safely tucked away in a sealed bag or plastic box. Ho hum.

Set up amongst the otter spraints and cray claws whilst the properties of light refraction in water were being earnestly discussed and a poor unfortunate fresher was being dangled in the chilly water.  Eventually they plucked up courage and asked if I had a net. Employed the River Colne I'll just finish this trot technique familiar to Wak Lite and eventually handed over my net. Several trots later and the instantly recognisable fighting style of a decent sergeant led to me calling out for my net back.

And here is the resulting bristling buccaneer harbinger of autumn,  1.06 and recently escaped from an otter.

The phone. Tantalisingly just out of reach and glinting on the river bed. One of the group actually thought they had heard it ringing......... an expensive and salutory lesson. Must remember it when I get on Rutland with Wak Lite for a zander bash.