Monday, 14 March 2016

A last hurrah

Welney Washes over flow meant Lord Light of Thorrington was uncharacteristically late  for our RV with John  Two Terriers. Following a thorugh debunking of Schteeve MacLaren and Newcastle FC we headed off to the drain. East North Easterly,, bright and clear water  meant the fish would be under cover. Down to serious business  first and some splendid bacon and freshly made bap size rolls were quickly devoured.

Searching under the cover of the downstream boat, first bite missed but 4 casts later and the Lord Light manufacured bbobber indicated interest in the worm and a very plump of  perch of about 10oz was banked. Camera miss- setting  turned a vibrant fish into a silty old thing.

Conditions continued to be difficult, though John TT had found some prodctive cover.
Lunch time cuppa disturbed by a determined  but ultimately missed take on sardine to me.

Lord Light   slotted in above a housebhouseboat and patiently worked up some bites, mostly rudd and small perch. Lost better perch then had this beauty on maggot.


Backed up by this smaller fish to worm.

John TT rounded things off with the biggest of the day, a very rickety stage restricting safe access to compose better shots.

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