Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Just the one Mrs. Wembley

Yesterday  morning saw a white blanket that sent me scurrying  down the A140 to the open expanses  of public water supply and a depth of water that took an age for the bump of the lead touching down. Today,  the snow had gone, mostly in the river. Brown but not  unruly.

Buzzards, a yafffle yaffling and it's tree hammering cousin beating out a rhythm. Two jays squabling. Stop start  spring will of course out in the end but it is having a job at the moment.

For what ever reason the 20 or 30th leapfrog cast over to a long and  seemingly similar reed fringed margin and the float bobs twice then moves steadily across the flow.   The old glass Conoflex 12 footer pressed into service for the second time in two days is tested in the flow  but once again it proves up to the task. Leeches carpet the net from a short but solid fish with a noticeable belly. Stocking up for spawning.

A very solid thump round on the Waymasters to a wet net deducted 13.14.  That's it. No more interest.  Second one take session in a row,. Like Leicester  a hard fought 3 points at the death are enough to hold that 5 point lead and edge closer to the most unlikely  Premiership turnover sesaon ever.


  1. A veritable pig and the, etc.......

    1. There is a bone structure in there somewhere.....