Friday, 11 March 2016

By a hairs breadth

Lord Light was sunning himself again in a secluded bay in deepest Suffolk as I headed off to a Wensum  that had spread itself across it's valley. Planners and developers take note,  a flood plain floods. End of.

Bumping down the track and the Square Lake was one with the river.  The smaller of the trout likes was studded with tails and dorsals,  the delivery driver must must have just emptied a consignment  of raggy tailed stockies looking for their pellets.

The lake was the fullest I've seen it.  Behind the fence the river was certainly not fishable.

Tarka has seen  to a thinning out but I have watched barbel just there well into mid doubles, and photographed a 14. A 20 swam there.  Imagine that.

Sardines out and struggle to get enough shot out my ill prepared bag  to cock a peacock waggler.  Canada geese  driving me mad. Consider  a  move till two oiks send their canine charges into my next choice swim.

Lord Light had done a lovely plump pike out of his bay. I decide to head back via a stage on Captain's  where I knew my maggots woukd be appreciated. Packing away and the far rod knocked twice and the  bait runner fizzed, briefly. A fish is on but barely. It has had a right go at the sardine and must go all of a lb, if that.

On to the first stage on Captains and once I had found the depth it was a bite a  heck for my alloted hour. Biggest  this handful of a skimmer and a range of  small roach rudd and hybrids .

Just on curfew a rudd splashed once too many times and was taken by an airborne pike rIght at the foot of the stage. Manage to keep its head down and in the net, playing to the gallery of the  home time commuter traffic. Very plump  unlike the fish yesterday.  15lb on the nose. Pack everything away then hold and grin  again to the commuter gallery.

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