Sunday, 9 April 2017

If I hide my head you can't see me right?

Sometimes you have to stop to smell the roses. Mobile technology helps and a few minutes in a good coffee house to answer some emails is within the bounds and a brief stop to stretch the legs after 30 minutes sitting is now a diktat from on high. A tick in the box of care for your employees with benefits. Legs stretched..

The Commander in Chief had gone up to that there London to spend a weekend with the Metropolitan Elite so it was out and about in the Bureboy Charabanc with the Little 'uns. First full weekend of decent weather and even warm in and around Cromer. Which is not always the case.

Walled kitchen gardens are always warmer, by design.

And even warmer with glass and heat.

Old plum, older wall.

Jungle warfare

The Dovecote is always a favourite.

If I can't see you...

Early heat in the borders

And Daddy's Little Helper. Ding dog indeed.

And still light at 8. Most excellent.


  1. Looks like that French stick needs stitches BB

  2. I too thought it looked like a gaping wound!! Fine looking bit of scran though and a libation to help wash it down - perfect! TTFN Dickie