Thursday, 6 April 2017

Ol' redfin

Early start and an early finish and after an hour or so's hard graft producing a bowling green finish the boys all collected behind the swim of a well oiled roach fishing machine. Precision, constant feeding of hemp and reg maggot, and proactive depth and shotting changes kept the roach dancing to Bureboy's tune, much to the admiration of the gallery.....

In reality I don't think the assembled crew could believe such a ham fisted gumby could catch fish. but I did and almost constantly. A couple of small skimmer/hybrids and a couple of perch apart mostly hand sized and upwards roach bested by this  chunky fish of 1.06. The float was dotted down perfectly and the fish just inhaled the bait in. Hook was a #14 on 3lb straight through as I was thinking about moving on to corn if plagued by tiny fish. The deep water meant they did plod about a bit and the banter was good, even though it was all at my own expense.

The gallery did have a front seat for a jack attack and we were all taken in by the otter/mink/toad/snake/leaf that turned out to be a feather.

I also had this snig a bit later. Which did go well on the end of my line.


  1. Replies
    1. I'll teach you a bit of what I know about waggler fishing one day boy. Bet you are on tenterhooks for that....

  2. We all are BB. Dotted down indeed a closet match fisherman.