Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Stop snig (gering) at the back

A touch warmer than in Yarco yesterday and a midday start on the Blue Lagoon. Didn't fancy sitting in  a facer, not with the wind chill factor and having only tiny hemp to 'pult out.

So it was the safer and more comfortable option again.  Had to work hard to find them, to the left this time and clearly the pads and cabbages are springing up as depths very variable.

First fish and not  a bad un.

Not long after lost a very decent fish, that infuriatingly gave that all important flash of red.  Pain dulled  a little by a stubborn and characteristic tug of war that had the passing Noddy train driver tooting in approval. Bigger than the last one certainly. The snig that is. Not the Noddy train driver.

Now this one really did give me palpitations until I saw the bluish dorsal. If daddy and mummy were all roach I would have been shaking as it neared the net. Heavily infested with black spot. Given it's largely bream parentage it was not as solid as it's length and depth would suggest so only just made the pound. If it were a roach I would have been punching the air and saluting the Noddy train, driver and all.

Who's the daddy now....no more jelly babies for you. (Ray Winston, Scum) The only thing that kept me out of real Penitentiary. As opposed to the half way house I was dumped in. And not getting caught..

Last bite from the last last cast of the short session and the tip just carried on down in an impressive parabola. The thing from the Blue Lagoon  on the other end just thumped  deep, sending up clouds of bubbles, even in 7 feet. It then buried itself under the staging. I thought one last pull then slacken off to see if it would wriggle out. The hook link parted and I was left to ruminate and blank out the imagined snig (gering.)

Different league to the first one for sure.

Now traditional selected group shot

And an added bonus of toad-poles on the mat. The mudpigs on my very local water gorge on them.

Just had to Knock, Knock on Heaven's Door on the way home. Lord Lite of Thorrington knows what I saw. I texted him three times.

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