Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Jacuzzi time

Its fairly simple. Put in some pellet, or a mixture of particles and bingo. Jacuzzi time. The float dips, bobs, sometimes moves along. A carp  feels the line and spooks, a massive boil and sheet of bubbles. or  a pike arrows through  the shallow swim. Guess the silt, crap, and feed  is being stirred up all the time.

What's not simple it seems is converting that to fish on the bank. 

Source in every combination. Natural corn (Rudd magnet) . A pop up. A wafter. Banded pellet. I haven't tried the method yet , partly because it's very shallow and often silty. OK, rarely a blank and mostly hooked in the mouth like this one. Gob full of a 12m Source

Often though its like holding  a tiger by the tail as the hook is stuck in the tail. Or a pec. Great fun but not confidence boosting or problem solving.

It's not just me thankfully. Rob the Plasterer was similarly jacuzzied up on the dam. And when the strike did meet resistance off it fizzed.  Hooked in the pec. He's got the Drennan 13 ft Tench and Specimen Float too. Cracking rods.

I'm thinking about a swing tip. If I can still find one. Still got an Avon with a screw tip ring.

Next stop though the Machine and some internal probing and poking. The joys of ageing..


  1. I'm not alone then?! Same issues for me on one of my silty river stretches. Slop in the bait, wait for tons of bubbles - how can I fail I think? But more often than not, it doesn't deliver. Bloody infuriating. Looking forward to creating the jacuzzi and trying again soon though...

  2. 'Welcome to the Machine.' There's nothing like having flexible stainless steel stuffed up your nether regions.

    1. I might have to listen to that on you tube.. I did prefer this probing to the one down the gullet. Relatively speaking anyway.