Monday, 13 May 2019

E's are good

Came across that classic Steve Alcott rave gear front cover and thought I'd take one of my brighter shirts on to Golden Pond today for  a grin and bear it should a bream or tench slip up in the baking heat. Of course these days you should be in the water in your VASS chesties, or crouching on your toes with a hoodie up but pulled back round your ears and always look at the tail or the head and never smiling at the camera.

Anyhoo, I had the customary couple of hours but in the hotter part of the afternoon so wasn't too worried when I saw the stages sown up as the island was free and a bit of shade available. I had some left over caster and the favoured spot  by the pads was just about catapultable distance as well as a sprinkling of Spicy Sausage pellets and some Source minis. 

Everything is so verdant right now and a few glimpses of purple from the rhodos presaging a glorious late May  display once the pads are fully out. The Canada Geese have gone so I'm guessing the trio of goslings was whittled down to none. Deer barking in the pine and larch woods and squabbling magpies. I hear  a quite exotic sounding bird frequently which I must identify, it sounds like it should be in a rain forest. And of course the ever present road noise.

Tactic as ever a Source mini on a short method hooklink/push stop and the Puddle Chucker 4 gramme set over depth  (not hard to achieve in the shallow and shrinking pond). Less small stuff knocking the float but several pike and perch raids. Three times the float dipped and buried rather than sliding away (a noted tench behaviour) so after the initial dash to the pads the culprits (bream) were easier to guide away though I still had to make the dash myself the opposite way to the right.  The heat has bought the spawning tubercles out again

This was an absolute minter of a fish, one of the young guns.

Unlike this scarred old thing. Yes, and the bream. And of course the regulation #carpy green hoodie from Trakker or some such. Not.

Which quickly led to this piss take on Whats App. Such banter lads.

They do like that Source.

Gosling casualty. One less for the pike.

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