Wednesday, 5 September 2012

All change down on the river

Lots has been happening on the river. The fishery management has changed and now it's part of Macca's growing empire. Shame the previous manager couldn't make a go of it.

River has been very high most of the summer, must be being held back down at Horstead as well as it being  such a wet summer. Just just within its banks mostof the time but  doesnt colour up. I have heard of weed cuts above Buxton but have yet to get up there to look. Find a glide with some clear water (not that easy at present), start to feed and pretty soon  some decent dace and roach are there to be had. I  have  had  more perch if using worm and really fancy it below Plantation  Bridge using one of Wak's  bobber floats as below especialy as we have both banks up there.

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