Sunday, 16 September 2012

Pixie led

Hemp amd luncheon meat. What an evocative smell. Takes me back to around 1988 and fishing off the dam wall at Frating, dusk or dawn, right under the rod tip and Hutchinson 12 footer bent right through into a douible figure mirror. Just got in from an late afternon session at a water I  have only just found 10 minutes from home. Forgotten how far hemp spray goes. Every thing coated in that sweet, oily film. Also a background buzz of chilli powder.

I say water, it's really someone's glorified garden pond and until recently I never would have guessed it was there, feet from the road.  A discreet sign and a Transit plastered with  adverts  has brought it to my attention.

It's stuffed full of fish as these commercials are, the water constantly rocking with movement. That leads to the pixie led bit. Bailey uses the phrase to describe the frustration of crucian fishing. Not what I was targetting but after much frustration  fishing a small chunk of meat finally just hovering on the bottom over that chili hemp saw me bumping a fish off on the retrieve, then bringing back a scale after a spritely but not tearaway tussle and  then pulling out of what must have been a carp I thought I had done it in the gathering gloom when what looked like and felt like a decent crucian appeared to come off then turn into a much fiestier small common. I think the hook had come out and lodged n a pectoral fin given the change in pace and power.

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