Sunday, 30 September 2012

First pike of the season

First pike of the season, from Captains, sardine head fished in about 2 foot at the edge of lilies. Great to hear the bait runner go. Went a long way into the pads but not difficult to get back through them. They certainly pull in their summer lean state though this is not anorexic by any means. Poorly framed and focused: I need to get a remote for the self timer, not so bad in brighter light as I usually set aperture as high as it will go for depth of field and I don't like the flash in auto mode anyway. I am not sure how many doubles there are as several repeats last year. Has thrown up a thirty in the past and there was a one eyed 23 out  a few times last year but that was a sick fish, eel like in fact. This one went 15.06.

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