Friday, 14 September 2012

Plantation Pool

Fancied an hour somewhere slightly different so headed up to Plantatation Bridge below Oxnead Mill. River is still backing up though clear. The pool looks huge in this shot. Those horses look pretty 
expensive too. Once saw a horse open a gate here, using it's mouth/nose (not sure how to describe  a horses  facial arrangements) to open the latch.

Pool was very awkward to fish, far bank was a nice looking gravel cow (or horse) drink but very weedy and near bank under low trees with a big eddy and lots of crap coming down from the ornamental pond in the Hall grounds. Lots of fish topping in the main push which I thought were not splashy enough for dace.
Ended up fishing of the side of the bridge and those fish were roach. Looked very different from the roach further downstream, a lot leaner and with a tinge of green on the flanks.     

Looking back up towards the Mill and House.Tale is that this is where NACA put in some barbel many years back. Some ended up down below Buxton and one came out 14+ a couple of years back.


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