Sunday, 30 October 2016

Golden brown

October drawing to an end and leaf fall beginning, no frosts or big winds. Strange muted light today. Too warm for a coat but not enough for just a tee shirt. Had planned an afternoon trotting worms but reel said no so piking then, and on the Ressie.

Two hours gone and only a couple of dips on the floats to show that anything was noticing the Pollan, despite twitching back. Just taken this and the near left bait away, on then gone, long enough to have felt decent. Just scraps of the pollan left on the trebles

Fellow syndicate member Grass Carp Dave has just revealed how much he had enjoyed me turning the air blue, not so sure about those on the noddy train just passing over the bridge.

Once again the bait under the small unpainted poly was heading off and a small but acrobatic little snapper had broken the blank. Another meandering take on the same rod that came adrift.

Temperature dropping and dew forming. Still no proper light from that rheumy sun.

Different rod this time, just to the left and out of direct sight, line lifting and a better fish to finish off the afternoon. Dark by 5.


  1. Three rods on that little stream ? Ridiculous. Just put a gill net out if you're that desparate.

  2. Feck off. It's desperate you peasant.

  3. Took you ages to think of that one.

  4. Bastard. Expected a second bite on that one.