Saturday, 1 October 2016

Roach tastic

Though weather forecast dampened our bass plans Essex Scribbler aka Lord Lite Thorrington  (or today Dale) sampled the delights of a bay off the main body of a public supply reservoir overlooking a large estuary and it's sweeping road bridge.

Took a while to suss the drop offs and beds of Canadian pond weed but a string of hand sized roach, plumping up for autumn and mostly pristine in condition kept us smiling despite the intermittent rain.

Lord "Dale" Lite of Thorrington with a sample of the stamp of fish we were catching. Corn or red maggot did the business.

He's considering a return to the match scene. Can you see him on an Octoplus platform all logo'd up?

A lovely autumn roach

Couldn't resist defrosting a couple of sardines out in the bay. Two small pike, warm to the touch put a bend in the new rods, and one even got airborne.


  1. He just couldn't stay Gale could he?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. In answer to the question in your fourth paragraph. No.

  4. He could never toe the Corporate line

  5. Sponsored tackle box with logos. waterproof boiler suit with logos, cap, rod net, keep net etc., etc., Even maggots and casters with logos. No, Lord Lite of Thorrington would not want that in his 'Who's Who" entry, or Burke's Peerage.

    Sensible chap I think.