Sunday, 9 October 2016

He gets intimidated by the dirty pigeons

Took some of new pigeon conditioner mix down to the Ressie yesterday. In truth some of the mix a bit too substantial for trickling in  as loose feed but for ideal for getting 'em grubbing about and getting their heads down..

Couldn't get the better fish interested so it was just small stuff,  best of the bunch this roach and a perch.

Did get a bit excited when  the laid flat chubber twitched and  cocked  but as it picked up speed it was clear that a pike had snaffled the small deadbait and not the hoped for perch. Really charged around on the perch gear, getting fully airborne. Unhooked itself in the margins. About 8lb.


  1. Proof reading required old chap. Blur, Parklife.

    1. They love a bit of him..yes,Peter Pedant. Shocking spelling