Sunday, 23 October 2016

Slicker. Slicker conspiracy. Slicker

What is the point of  John Stones? Oh, he's a ball playing centre back. No,  he is a plum. Just get rid the fecking ball man. Him and Bravo are a right pair of clowns.

Sardines. Dontcha just love that big oily slick they send up?

One pike did have a munch but to my horror before I'd even really connected the lot came shooting back, trace snapped at the top treble. Hate leaving hooks in fish, thankfully a rare event.

Mood slightly improved by watching the precision placement of baits and tackle oh, at least 30 yards out by bait boat.. Lord Lite had it thus: fookin helmet.

Did go back today to see if I could catch the escapee for retro surgery but not even the proverbial sausage. Plenty of bream or mudpigs feeding, startled by a low flying yaffle and wonderful kingfisher displays. They have a hover mode, at some height here on Captains. At least the swans have gone,

Autumn is creeping in before the clocks change.

I am not getting on with my new Canon EOS 1300D, seriously considering Flea-bay or a trade in for another Nikon. Shite rash purchase.

Lord Lite reported a good tide on the Roker, 33 in total between 2 with one of 12 lb. Black butter and capers with mine please.


  1. I reckon it's about time for the Jonah of the Fens to knock the cobwebs off the gear and check the freezer. I love my Canon but it is five years old. Bait boats? Bivvy carpets and slippers next

  2. Persist with the Canon. Once you get used to their way of doing things it'll be fine. Unless of course you don't mind losing a load of money on it.

    1. Remember, you are abroad, rememeber, the police are rough.