Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Got the trots

Lord Lite and the Boy Conc done good with the roker last night  with a 3 dozen haul. That's 72 wings if they took them all back home.

I was still feeling my general malaise  today so a short walk from the charabanc and a couple of hours trotting from the point rather than my planned secret squirrel covert mission. Had this lovely roach a few trots in,  all 13 oz of it. Thought  it was a small chub by the way it first made for cover in a most unroachy way.

The inevitable  non-line guard wind tangle and I had forgotten the screwdriver to free the drum so out with the fixed spool.  The best of the rest (mostly gudgeon today) was this 10.5 oz roach.

Think I will have my half afternoon on Thursday on the adjacent Ressie after some even bigger roach weather permitting then a serious worm harvest.


  1. Nice roach. Only took three roker home. It's a long walk.....

  2. You could trade a few wings with the Beach Gentlemen to dry and wear as chaps, I hear they quite favour the wheelbarrow so could lug the rest back to the car for you....

    1. You seem to be rather familiar with the Beach Gentleman.......

  3. Replies
    1. Derek is The Godfather of BGs. Intersting bloke I thought. Had an old beach hut type house at Dungeness.