Thursday, 16 March 2017

What a difference a dace makes....

Still had those 2 pints of reds and lamprey from yesterday's out West social an just a few hours let of the proper season. Ha d thought about the pool below the Plantation but the thought of  a return visit from Jasper Farqhuart Brown-Mug sent me down to the Iron Bridge. Lord Lite was getting more and more depressed in a cold grey Brighton and I could hardly buy a bite though thesee dace did brighten things up slightly. You know it's nearly spring when the celandines appear.

A slightly better fish from the nursery pool and the last on the pin for a while. Can see no point in using a trotting reel on a still water.

Not big but  a gudgeon, a species Lord Lite really wants to catch again.

Things were getting crowded on the beat and just as I was about to up sticks the lamprey float bobbed twice and shot away. Subdued fight but a lovely plump  fish none the less.

Two of the increasing numbers of members arriving  had also recently had Jasper Farqhuart Brown-Mug upstream, but both reported similar heavier weights than my given 5.04.

I was up by the Bungalow bend in 20 minutes determined to flush out the Lost 20 but also to have a bit of solitude. The remain 1 and  a half lamprey were by now macerating in their own blood, having been in and out of the freezer for every pike trip for a year or more.

Lord Light had cheered up having taken 5 plaice up to 1.15 home from the South Coast and I had just texted him  about hoping for the Lost 20 when one of the blood dripping lamprey sections was picked up in the spot. The fish stayed low and heavy and when it did turn across the flow the tail looked  a long way away from the head. Eventually the fish was in the net and  though not the Lost 20 was a very nice fish indeed.

The thing of beauty weighs a dead 1lb when wet so the deduction left 14.08. Getting the hang of the remote release now.

A bait tucked right in Shangri-La failed but a recast  just feet further down stream quickly came up trumps.the fish bolting strongly downstream, luckily under the other line.

Not  a bad end to the season at a very pleasing 12.05. And I still have half a macerated lamprey left for the autumn....


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    1. Bream, tench and some big ressie roach await

  2. Love the gudgies, had a great net full of them on the last day, cheery little fellas! That lamprey reminds me of a take away i had one drunken night in my youth. Happy days, TTFN Dickie

    1. Dickie, that does not bear thinking about.......