Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Marching on

1st of March and the need to fish as much flowing water  as possible before the Close grows stronger. Hence my decision to forgo a sunny spot on the Ressie for a muddy perch from which to drip feed my 2 pints of reds. After I had to pack everything away and return for the box with the hooks, shot, hook-tie  and rubbers.   never mind.

So, it was gone 11.30 before I started again. River lower and clearer, and in hindsight,my decision to fish the pin today wasn't great. Though it give much more control the fish wanted the bait tighter to the cover and that wasn't an easy swing out distance. Not a bite a trot today. 

The dace were smaller in general and a pike was being quite selective in picking off the better ones I was hurrying in.

Did get one from the swim, on a half herring but really should have set up  a paternostererd lively.

Had a chinwag with Rob the Plasterer and managed  the best dace whilst he was there. Pigeon chested with a distinct blue sheen. Also lost either a chub or brownie that shot off across the top but the hooklink parted though I was never really in control.

Moved the other side of the stile to get a better trot close in but not a bite.  Looked nice though.

One more pike on the upstream rod made the move worthwhile though.

Last 15 minutes and tempted the dace snatcher with  a  twitched  half herring.It did throw the bait in the end but interesting watching it  trying to pick the bait up off the riverbed by butting and twisting to try to flip it up. That must be what  the knocks and twitches on the float indicate.

A look over the bridge on the way back to the car did reveal the bigger dace and roach on the gravels so perhaps a re-think next time.


  1. Lovely BB - what great chesty Dace! I bet they shat themselves when old Esox chased them in, I always reel like fury when this happens......great looking skies! TTFN & best fishes, Dickie

  2. Buxom beast of Buxton to be sure Dickie. Peurile jokes aside, the plump ones dont seem so sandpaper rough so perhaps they are the females.

    Yes, sadly the 1:1 retrieve of the pin led to the demise of a few silver darts, and the bigger ones too.

    Moody means rain filled this time of year