Friday, 22 August 2014

Bassa nova

Walcott wall, Thursday morning out with little-uns for a drive and an ice cream. Chap on the groyne below the Poachers Pocket ramp. ( By the way, would you really fancy a Sunday roast from here?)

Seems these little fellers are in close at the moment bringing the bass in  behind them.

Bass on,
Schoolie just over36cm. About £40 for two half fillets from just one flank on two white plates with a bit of samphire I reckon.
A bit keen to get out there again.

Lovely sky as well

Autumn creeping up on the Allotment


  1. Suddenly seem to be alot of bass about. I had six in an hour and a half last night on floatfished rag in eighteen inches of water. Decentish size too, four between 2 and 3lb. Get out there Wak.

  2. And don't start that centimetre bollocks when indicating a fishes size. Pounds and ounces dear boy, nothing else will do.

    1. He so wanted it to be a keeper. You had a good evening then,... Waaaak