Monday, 18 August 2014

Boho and Boden

Varied clan members headed off for a beano at Bodenville on Sunday. Snuck between Blakney and Cley on the top of Frary Hills  is a fruit farm and cafe. It has a magnificent wood oven for pizza nights, fired up today even with no food coming out of  it, what a lovely woodsey smell.  A magnet for the Boden army overly concerned with avoiding  being associated with  the gratuitous conspicuous consumption swilling round the Burnhams and keeping the braying to a strained sotto voce .

Not a bad view whilst you are sipping your loose leaf tea..

Now, Norfolk is an inward looking, get off my land sort of place, and more so round the stately piles of feudal throwback, such as the huge enclave of Holkham just up the windy flint walled and pan tiled cottage lined coast road. Perhaps that is why the assorted caravans and huts hiding behind the eaterie seemed to be peopled by a fruit picking army more at home with  Radio 4 and the Aga than (whisper it) the Eastern Europe that drives Farage in to lick spittle rage. Not sure about the authenticity of this artisan's dwelling (the cut ivy was stapled on to the door).

The eating and selling bits are quite lovely however:

The food?

Not much evidence of anything really local here apart from the lobster and the Wherry and the salad accompaniment is hardly from Morston Hall. And, note to  front of house. 13 covers is not a small bill and best not ask us to leave the tables before we'd settled. Umbridge taken.

What to do now?  Blakeney just a stones throw to the left along a coastal walk.

  Finished off with an ice cream (not on the hill today, too windy)
 Happy days.


  1. Ah, the 'Boden Fusiliers' what a right royal pain in the arse they are. Voices like a cross between a foghorn and a donkey, sorry donkeys. And just how many can fall out of a BMW or Range Rover?

    Lovely part of Norfolk but we stay away in the summer and half-term periods… after a skirmish with a 'grandma Sophie', all pearls and turned up collar, at the White Horse in Brancaster when we trying to have a quiet meal the boss keeps me out of the area. The bloody woman emptied the dining room.

    Anyway enough of that. Nice photos BB, the essence of an English summers day. Lovely. Which is more thank I can say about Boro at Leeds on saturday… still, back to normal. John

    1. Thanks John. I supose countryside is gorgeous anywhere but Norfolk, is well, Norfolk! Yes, Autumn is in the air. Get those traces made up. The fruit bounty is incredible. Notts County tonight, We will probably scrape through with 50 points again this season.
      We must get that fish in sorted with the Essex Scribbler once autumn has really arrived.

  2. Good morning BB, you are right, we must have a pike-in later in the year. 49 Strand ordered and new hooks ordered along with swivels, we have the two grandsons next week,,, Aged six and four, I may have to get the little pole out and initiate them into the fine art of rudd ditting. Then the perch fishing starts.

    Boro beat Bolton on Tuesday, amazing, maybe this year? They should have beaten Leeds the Adomah goal the ref disallowed was a blinder. Idiot.

    Have you got rid of those Cardinals and bought the Shimanos yet? You know it makes sense.

    Have a good weekend.


    1. John,
      Strictly 154 for hemp and meat on the float only. The others are waiting to be cleaned and put away..We've 1 point from 12. Not looking good.