Sunday, 3 August 2014


Another short session tonight, on the new syndicate water. Float fished  red maggot. Several roach and perch, this the best. An old warrior at 1.08.


  1. Bloody Google have shut me out twice because I don't have an account…

    Right, I tried replying on the previous post, twice. Temper now fraying, quickly.

    fished a local drain last week and had fourteen roach and rudd between 12ozs and alb 8ozs on sweetcorn and stewed wheat. All fired up bought hemp, stewed wheat and opened corn. Same swim next day and after four hors four rudd to 4ozs. I love fishing Fen drains. Out again next week without camera like the first time, that should work.

    BB, footie tomorrow and I won't be at the Riverside because I'll be at a Pagan wedding… half way up the Pennines near Huddersfield. You couldn't make it up.

    Good luck to the U's and a draw for Ipswich ES…

    All the best,


    1. TT, could hardly believe it when I saw that Ipswich had beaten Fulham.....I might even start going again if they keep it up.

  2. This may come twice; Keep on keeping on John take the camera always. I see the Genevoix is coming out again on Coch-y-Bundu . The Traveling Scribbler is tiring of wrasse and thinking of pike and zander.

  3. We must get together at some point, after the pagan wedding.

    The drains are hard. Swims that work one day, the next nothing. If I had enough years left I don't think I'd work it out.

    I must speak to Coch-y Bondhu about my illustrations That is great book though, a classic. Ah, the nostalgia of a cool October morning. I visited the water that the farmer lets me fish in late may and saw six or seven perch that were all bigger, much bigger, that my 4lb+ perch. now they were a serious flotilla. needless to say they've disappeared now.

    All the best, John

  4. He hasn't tired of wrasse, but he does fancy pike and zander in the autumn. Got bass, pollock and more wrasse to catch in Ireland and the west country in the next month or so. Those oerch look very interesting TT. Late September/October is the time for perch. Traditionally and in reality in my experience.

  5. By the way Wak, Grimly Fiendish is Conan The Whittler, he of Brightlingsea in deepest north east Essex.

  6. Was the Austin Clissett (he of Cofton Hackett) that pointed that way.