Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Bertha and the perigee moon

Sunday was to set to be the mutha of all storms..certainly spurred England on to wipe out India, even if Broadless for the second chuck of the coconut. Out for my customary drive to get the little-un's asleep.

Where, Happisburgh of course!

Bet they were glad they got this field in.

After  a biblical dumping of hail it got out again late afternoon, if a tad windy. A warm (and for a while not wet) wind. Get on it boy. With no big gravel pit at my local disposal, and deciding not to tough it out on a platform on Captains noodled around under a big poplar on Cranes. Just love that big wind sound. Found a few small roach and enjoyed this view of the Bertha perigee moon.

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