Friday, 1 August 2014

Mikey Bread at the controls.......version

Had about an hour after work before I had to pick the Boy Garmin (previously known as Ton Ton Macute) up from the UEA so set off armed with a loaf of Co-op finest sliced white. The top shallows rammo with families and dogs, saw a few roach dodging the chuck and fetch sticks and found the first quieter bend.
First trot of a piece of flake on a Kamasan 12 under a small Drennan stable stick and a hand sized roach.

Winkled out some dace and a gonk:

Damsels everywhere, and kingfishers and a curious magpie. Not bad for the edge of the city and a massive Uni/ Hospital/Sports Park complex.

Half an hour to go, out with a larger hunk of flake on the quivertip and a slurp of still slightly chilled Coke. A better cast to the raft, an almost instant three foot twitch and a great scrap in the clear water, I had to hang on to net it  as there were two large branches coming down which were too big for Fido.

I'd say a summer slack good  3 +. Distinctive anal fin. Long, coral and tipped navy blue. Me thinks a few trips into dark once the hordes are back at school. Free and 5 mins from work. What's not to like?


  1. Good work Wak. You're in the groove.

    1. Making hay son. Never enjoyed fishing so much as of late. Morbid bugger but life is short. Alton Octoberish? Footie starts Saturday

  2. Alton ? Of course. Do a few more sessions there this year I think. Get John TT to come down and he can take us zandering in the Fens !