Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Rays and Hail

Monday's forecast severely dented plans for a tea and pike social on our East Midlands still water so keeping local to dodge the forecast pulses of organised heavy showers (what?) I trudged  up to Kings Beck, having had to wait for a more local Danging Indirect to open up for some replacement unhooking gear.

Egret country

First move and barely had the bait runner been set when the half bluey was heading out of the tight marginal cover and into the main push. A protracted scrap in the decent flow and on the mat, all leeches and toothy attitude. Battle with the new Billy Big Balls forceps but hooks out quickly. Too big to manoeuvre in the pike's mouth and no ratchet or grip mechanism. Pile of shite I say.

Anyway, looked good on the mat. Tiny fins. Any relation of the Trumpster?

13 13 on the scales. A long time since I've been able to say that.

Wind building and sky darkening. Down to the Church and I had just poured the first tea of the day when the darkened sky dumped it's load on me in a pretty organised way. Don't take a brolly so got quite wet. Iin a break squelched  down into Shangri-La. Bait in the spot. Time to send a take inducing text to Lord Lite.  

It had worked before I even sent the text, another long surging fight and a tail walk and head shake and it spat out it's dummy. 

A surprisingly up beat text did get sent. Think the kingfisher cheered me up.

Last move to the big bend. Large group of roe deer over my shoulder then another deluge of hail and sleet. Dog walker wondered who was the wettest and stupidest between us. False hope in the sky and under dips the float, it was small but it also spat out it's dummy. Over my shoulder (deer gone) arced   half a rainbow

Head for home, hands so cold the ground felt like perma frost had  a grip on the bank sticks. Two hoodie clad Urban Anglers taking a chance in a lull, winkling out a brace of jacks on their Ondex's by the apartments. They are just in hoodies, tee shirts, joggies and trainers. Madness

Home, and wet, muddy stinking kit everywhere.Wet to my under crackers. Commander in Chief issues stern advice about  the correct use of soap. My ears ring from the wind.

Get any of those Lord Lite?