Friday, 5 May 2017

Away day shambles

Last trip down to E10 for a while then...

Our recent tradition of an away day in Leyton  will be interrupted  for at least  a year as Orient have fallen off the bottom rung of the Pro football ladder.  Shame, easy to get to by train unless there is a replacement bus serviced or squeaky bum late night connections via Cambridge  and/or Ely. So, part journey tickets discarded it was into the Bureboy Charabanc. You can even park in residential streets right outside the ground.

Not your everyday discards in Narfuk that's for sure.

An hour or so before a RV with the Metropolitan Elite so a stroll was in order. Hair is short, but big in Leyton.

I do prefer the warm yellow London brick but always like these shop tops

For when you are not  quite sure.

The Temple of Mammom. I detest Malls with a passion.

That famous skyline laid on foundations made of  the crushed and under trod masses. Who just love  a Mall. I expect  Lord Lite thinks a Velodrome is for washed up has been road racers like Wiggo.

And the Olympic legacy writ large

The thronging tide of Mammom worshipers clearly come in waves of demographic types.

And  where are the knives and forks we get in Wimpy?

Wonder if he has ever been in a KFC? Or a Paddy Power?

"Poor litle rich boy, coming round here. This aint Broken Britain, this is Broke in Britain"

Back to the strange middle class enclave huddled around the Saturday Food Market.

And who hasn't done this ( a woman for starters)?

By now the Metropolitan Elite had arrived so we decamped to the Away pub, a no craft beer zone of course.. Loud, brash and beer and shorts fuelled banter. Such fun.

In touch with the middle class "vibe" a protest against merciless asset stripping of a footbal club by it's absentee owner was occurring.

With the suits looking on

I wonder if we will ever enter these  portals again?

These ears have made him his living for many  years. Urban myth has it that Steve Lamacq lives on a diet of dry roast peanuts and cider.

Restricted view

I guess we must have scored?

This put the already dejected Orient faithful into the Stygian darkness of despair. So, with touching empathy the away boys decided to lighten the mood.  You can't hold down class.....

The ridiculous chest jutting open armed  slack jawed posturing of the nylon clad drones will not impede the passage of the sacred large teapot.

The usual nonsense in the box

Brief relief to the downtrodden home support from a screamer from a product of the Col U Academy, obscured by that fecking pillar was soon dashed by a death blow that made the away support begin to think play-offs were  almost within their grasp.

And in short order surely the coup de grace (again).

So, 3-1 down, 4 minutes to go and the  home support were galvanised by a possibly pre-ordained signal from the gods. Or someone behind the goal

Farce descended

Rather than enforcing the clear signage

London's finest decided to deploy significant resources to sorting out a possible ringleader, though I though the wheelie riding oldie was far more suspect. The English Football League cited strenuous efforts to clear the pitch. Not sure a  straggly line of stewards  surrounding about 91 degrees of the croud is strenuous..

An even more cringe worthy than Delia's "Let's be having you" pleas from the "Gaffer" of "Listen, listen" could not avoid the inevitable "cancellation "of the game at about 5.45pm.

Presumably  a 0-3 away win  imposition would have influenced the play off race by giving Col U an extra goal  advantage so  much, much later the remaining 4 minutes were played out behind closed doors, with Orient playing keep ball in their own half untroubled by the Col U players.

Oh well, wonder where we will be travelling to next season?


  1. You are of course correct in your predication of my thoughts regarding the velodrome and Wiggins.

  2. Guilty as (not) charged (yet). He is a wrong un in a sport of many wrong uns at that level. Makes it hard for the clean ones.