Monday, 22 May 2017

Here comes the rain again....

Second that emotion. Or something like that

Saturday night and the feeling is right. An hour and a half on the very local water, again within feet of the boy racers and numerous ambulances. Even with the traffic roar the noise of the jays and magpies screeching was rather loud. Foxes barking in the Keepers Wood and even before 8pm  the holy trinity of barn, little and tawny owls. The avian version of Crouchies left, right and header for Ingerland . No dive bombing kingfisher though.

Keeping low.

Took a while to get them going then a lift and glide and the Hutchy 12 footer hooped over. Deffo a mudpig but no more than 20 yards taken off the reel. Rod soaks it all up good as gold. Close in, reach for net as it makes for the left hand alder and hook pings out, float flicking up into right hand alder. Tempted to stay on a little longer, Cue deluge and certainly no apre le.

Sunday and bright and warm and on the Blue Lagoon

Steady stream of small roach and tiny skimmers on the drop, an eel of about a pound and this modest but spawn filled little beauty. Carp boshing on the wind and gorging on tadpoles.  Kingfisher at it all day. Quite surprised at the end when I lifted out how much weight I had amassed. And the bright red glow of my sun burnt knees. No 10K Paras run for me Lord Light. 1 .48 with a 35 kg pack and boots? Good stuff.

Day soured by recidivist and extremely violent poacher and equally foul mouthed accomplice. 3rd time now and hopefully he'll get his legal come uppance and her by dint of joint enterprise once they are ID'd. Not  a tin of Tyskie, handy placcie bag and disposable BBQ to be seen by the way. Home (ish) grown knob head of the highest order.