Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Out for a stoll, then i digress

You get to see a lot from a bridge.

And sometimes a sheepish grin when someone has been caught unawares.

This chap ain't taking no prisoners, unaware, sheepish or not. "Get orf moi laaaand" I think he said. A local wag on Facebook quite liked his long........ grey grey school socks.

And continuing with the well buff theme I give you one George Elokobi. Big George was a member of the truly glorious Col U squad that had that wonderful first season in the Championship playing out of the Theatre of Dreams that was Layer Road. Like several of his squad mates Elokobi went on to spend time in the Premiership, he was with Wolves, who like us think of him as a legend and he is back with us again, this time  at the Concrete Bowl of Corporate Dreariness that is the Weston Homes Communty Stadium, sweeping the board last night at the Awards night.

( more of my Brisbane Road awayday ramblings in my next post or so.)

Another  Col U legend  from the same Championship squad is Jamie Cureton, still playing like Elokobi and still scoring ( a few more than Elokobi)

Thogh I don't think he has ever been described a s well buff.

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