Tuesday, 16 May 2017


In the midst of the ransomware heist I discover that the clever nurse had printed off her clinic list in the morning so I  did get my turn in the chair and with the aid of Dynarod she mined about 30 years of tar from both of my lugs. At first the world was suddenly a very noisy place and I could hear everything. Actually, really everything. Christ birds are loud...... I have now turned the TV down from 28 to 10.

I have decreed that any hacker, from a spotty youth in his fart filled bedroom to organised boiler room gangs and everywhere in between shall be forced to publicly eat their own filth on a loop. 
Bit coin my arse. Word is the codes were stolen from our own  spooks in the first place. And sent out again at the behest of that mop haired freak from North Korea. Whose people have to eat grass and leaves to survive. And not shit on a solid gold toilet  like the tangarine buffoon over the pond.

That aside it was quite a good weekend. Wind no longer from the NE and temperaures hitting 23C. 

The copper beech has yet to hit it's peak.

Jasper Farqhuart Mug-Brown is feasting on mayflies

And the blubells are lording it in the shade whilst the kek and mayflower swell and froth like a new romantic's frilly blouse. Won't be long till we get the sweet chestnut jizz smell.

Still no swifts but they're on their screaming, scything way.

Saturday and on the very local water by 2pm. Commander in Chief pleased I'd had to get pre-cooked hemp for a change. Not  a red maggitt to be had in town. 2nd stage and  mostly Heinz 57 freshly minted skimmerry hybrids snaffling the corn on the drop. This has jumped into bronze territory, and is the real deal.

Big golden hybrid that sadly left it's fighting boots at home. 4.12 and solid. Spawning bumps evident. This one has not got the reddish fins that some do here.

An old friend with no pelvics wrapped things up at 5pm. Considerably bigger in frame than its half breed mate but lighter at 4.09.

A much later start on the very local water on Sunday (neary 8pm) saw  me along the road bank, just an otter fence and crash barrier away from the very busy road and with minimal gear. 

Different  but still float based tactics employed, a prawn on  a size 8 and straight through 12lb line. Using my old Hutchy 12 footer but with an over gunned 6000 size baitrunner. Fished over pigeon conditioner just off the bank. Potomogeton  and bisort twitching. Started off  with the float fished flat double rubber. Water begining to shake gently as they found the grub. I saw the first bite easily but missed and ended up in the alder. Slid the top rubber down and the float easier to see in the descnding gloom. Another missed bite and then next put in no mistake as the float rose, lay flat then snaked along. Zooming off like a tench and this fish really did fight. A breamy dorsal but a thicker profile and flash of gold.

Another hybrid, ths one golder and with  that maroony red to the fins. Smaller at 4.01 but a real corker of a fish.

Mssed  one more bite (mud pig judging from bow wave) and of by 9pm. Must get me a Drennan Tench Float rod for these sort of tactics.  Lovely jubbly 


  1. Most excellent post , especially the first bit.

    1. Any photos of all that ear wax ?

    2. Any photos of all that ear wax ?

    3. Sadly not. I'll ask again in 30 years.

  2. Splendid post BB! Solid gold khazi, now there's a thought, ttfn Dickie