Monday, 29 May 2017

Hot, hot heat

Certainly has been a scorcher this week. Enough to get the fish on the Blue Lagoon in the upper layers and beginning to gather in twos and threes.

That is a very long fish.

Have been tucking in under the tree canopy on the very local water for an hour or so and  as well as this small pike which had been charging around the swim before snaffling my prawn

had this freshly minted fish that has just stepped up a weight division

Very short range fishing just off the dam.

Temporary halt called to fishing so had a good look round on Sunday. Rhododendron and yellow flag iris showing well now

Remember fishing at Oxnead as a very young Bureboy under those poplars. It seemed much deeper then but just as clear. First time I used groundbait, a packet of Winfield  aniseed groundbait from Woolies. Can still picture the small roach and gudgeon showing over the white patch on the river bed. Chased a big eel along almost to the top of this bend, much to my excitement  but also much to the chagrin of the floppy hatted serious speccie hunter type hunkered down in the far bank greenery.

An armada of chub interspersed with bream, which the floppy hatted serious speccie angler was probably fishing for way back then as they were very well known and written about on that stretch, and probably by him.

The neglected and forlorn Scottow Pond, once renowned for tench and perch, and great clouds of daphnia.

And to round off the day a very pleasant barbie, swifts screaming overhead and alcohol guzzled  I certainly won't be steaming  or boiling asparagus again, Flipping gorgeous. Corn on the cob and bacon wrapped spring onion or baby leeks next time as well.  And some big ole prawns.


  1. Nice, the asparagus is great wrapped in Parma Ham too. Hospital today. Bugger. John

  2. I'll try that. Hope it goes well John.