Sunday, 8 September 2013

Cray zee

By the time I'd got on the Wensum the last dregs of the lovely hot morning had gone. Not many have been on judging by the overgrown banks. Hemp a bit toasted as I forgot it was on the hob..corn, not maggots  as this stretch is minnow rich. None on the Bure as far as I know. With more pace the float easier to run through with some semblance of bait first, and I find it easier trotting when the flow is right to left. Mitchell 300A, go faster red trim (I'd forgotten that) and a working bale arm but that old coffee grinder sound.
Small roach and dace, and  then a real down the hole bite, and something half decent on for a few turns. Chub possibly. This roach was nearly pike tea. You can see the gloomy light. A lot of kingfisher activity
Had a  rather large signal cray  that crawled away before I could get the camera out after a downpour. Never seen one before, did catch several native crays many years ago on the River Leam, in not surprisingly Leamington Spa.

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