Saturday, 7 September 2013

Mundo massive

Mundesley. Have to say I usually only see the beach, and maybe footie in Gold Park with the boys but today Little-un and I spent a bit more time, enjoying the unforecast early Saturday sun. The council had come in for a bit of stick over their wild flower mix beds  in the early stages but now they are looking rather good, fantastically unregimented in fact.
 The  shelters are rather splendid too.
Down to the beach
and the spruced up beach huts. Some used to be for rent. All spic and span for the winter lay up

A glorious, sun still warming to the bones September morning

Back up the slope into town and for a small place tonsorially well catered for. Is there a domain name equivalent in the trade? From the obvious to the sublime in the length of a small street.

I do quite like this..
Talk about civic pride, the Parish council office is brilliant post box red,

and there is still some life in the sweet peas poking over the wall

For a brief period this threatened to turn in to something nasty but blew out to sea

Mundo massive?You can't quite make it it out on the door of the closed up but freshly painted bogs but somewhere in this surprisingly  brushed up well old Beeching axed coastal halt  beats the heart(s) of an urban crew or two with hopes of larging it somewhere in the bigger, badder world outside Poppyland. You'd better look further afield  than the Royal then.

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  1. Some cracking photos there Wak.
    Those wild flowers look the doggies doo dahs too.